Final Project and Final post

For my ENC1102 class, this is the last required post.  I’m working on my final project and during research for it, I found several really cool links.  The first is a blog post by Lydia Callis, in which she  expresses that the Deaf community would appreciate hearing musicians consult with them if they are going to include ASL in their performances.  Callis, really drives home her point when she shares that “Deaf individuals were quick to notice a number of errors by the actors’ Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman, [in one of Paul McCartney music videos,] including both Portman and Depp appearing to interpret “tampon” instead of “appear.”  Talk about awkward! AND HILARIOUS!   Callis comments

If you’re curious I’ve attached the video.   Another interesting post I found is by Amy Cohen Effron.  Her blog about Sign-alongs clearly states her opinion about ASL music videos.  She is insulted when a hearing person makes an ASL music video that is conceptually incorrect and won’t accept constructive criticism.  Worse even when she is called a “hater” for making suggestions.  Misusing her language, not taking critique and using the video for personal gain is what she calls a bastardization of her language.  What she appreciates are ASL videos that make sense with the sound off.  It makes perfect sense to me.

I’m using this song with Jason Listman not simply because of his amazing to gaze upon good looks; I recognized that he is very skilled at using his language to nail this song conceptually!  I especially love that he doesn’t use the ASL sign for GIVE-UP, he uses instead, DISCONNECT.  In ASL the sign GIVE-UP looks like what an officer expects when demanding, “put your hands up.”  Its definition is “surrender,” if he’d signed GIVE-UP he’d change the meaning of the song too, “Say something, I’m surrendering myself to you, ” and that’s not what the artist means when he sings “I’m giving up on you.”




Checking out this video  one might assume I’m looking for hot bodies and love songs as my model citations, admittedly he IS!  However, it’s the conceptual clarity that captivated me.

If you’re interested in learning ASL, you might start here.   ASL with Courtney

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One thought on “Final Project and Final post”

  1. I have always thought sign language would be very interesting to learn and also a helpful thing to know how to do as well. I am going to have to watch the video you linked to get started!


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